• Main artistic movements

    The main artistic movements in chronological order

  • Biographies of the artists
    Artists biographies

    Biographies of some of the greatest representatives of Italian art

  • Monuments and works of Italian art

    Some of the most beautiful and representative monuments and works of Italian art

The main artistic movements of Italian art

arte bizantina
Byzantine art
Byzantine art originated in Byzantium in the IV century AD; at the time the Roman Empire...
The art of the Byzantine period
arte romanica
Romanesque art
All the artistic trends that developed in Europe between the year 1000 and the end of the XII century ...
L'arte del periodo romanico
arte gotica
Gothic art
Gothic art appeared in the middle of the XII century and continued till the...
L'arte del periodo gotico
Renaissance art - the XV century
The word Renaissance is used for the art which developed in the XV and XVI centuries...
L'arte del quattrocento
Renaissance art - the XVI century
In this century Italian art spread in Europe like never before, even if Italy’s political situation was...
L'arte del cinquecento
Mannerism is the name used for the art which developed between the first and...
L'arte del periodo manieristico
Baroque art
The XVII century was the century of the Counter-Reformation and all over Europe...
L'arte del periodo barocco
Neoclassical art
Neoclassical art can find its origins in the ideas of the age of Enlightenment and was...
L'arte del periodo neoclassico
Romanticism was established in Europe around 1830 and had different individual...
L'arte del periodo romantico

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