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Carlo Crivelli

Carlo Crivelli was born in Venice in about 1430. He worked in Padua with the “Squarcione” in the same yearsPolittico di Ascoli Piceno Mantegna was there.
His first work, Madonna of the Passion (Verona, Civic Art Museum), shows a combination of Renaissance, late gothic and Venetian styles. Colours and shapes seem attracted to one another and there is a strong touch of graphic definition. On the whole, the painting is reminiscent of Byzantine icon and mosaic enamel. All the above is particularly evident in the great Polyptich of Ascoli Piceno (1473), where all the figures are set against a golden background and everything is enclosed by a sumptious golden frame. In 1486, in Ascoli Piceno, he painted Annunciation, clearly inspired by Mantegna’s work. Some of his most important works are: Pietà (Brera Picture Gallery), Madonna with Child in the Metropolitan Museum of New York.
The painter died in Ascoli Piceno in about 1493.