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bramantinoBartolomeo Suardi, known as Bramantino, was born in Milan in 1465. The influence of artists like Foppa and Squarcione isevident in his paintings. His artistic activity can be divided into two phases: before his trip to central Italy and Rome (some time between 1495 and 1503), and the period after this trip.
Works from the first period include Madonna with Child, the Pietà of Sansepolcro and Christ. The figures have a wooden quality to them and the painted fabrics look very rigid.
Works from the second period include the Adoration of the Magi. The artist had clearly learnt new techniques while in Rome and this can be seen in the more balanced composition, softer fabrics and monumental architecture in the background. This can also be seen in Madonna with Saints, where the influence of Perugino’s painting is also evident. Other works are: St John the Evangelist, the Crucifixion, Pietà and Pentecost.